1. How long will it take to make the video?

Between 1-2 weeks.

2. When will I receive my product(s) back?

We will send it back once we complete and you verify the final draft of the video.

3. How does the payment situation work?

You must pay for your service in full before sending us your products.

4. Can I make adjustments to the video if there is something wrong?

Yes, we will send you our final draft, and you can let us know if there are any changes you would like.

5. What type of background should I choose?

We recommend a white background because it looks the sharpest and cleanest in a video. If your product is white, we then recommend one of our custom backgrounds.

6. Any suggestions for the genre of music?

The music should match your target market as well as your product. We recommend jazz, classic rock, or classical music because they are very neutral and mix well with product unboxing. It also needs to contain a Creative Commons License to be featured in your video.

7. Should I only send one color type of my product or multiple?

We suggest sending us a few of your most popular colors/types so we can evaluate adding them in the video.

8. What's the difference between adding text and having a voiceover?

These just give more descriptions and emphasize specific features of your products if you'd like.

9. Is showing the unboxing really important?

Yes, especially if you have a significant or unique packaging that you want your consumers to acknowledge.

10. Where are the Clip Guys based?

We are currently based in Southern California!

Here are some commonly asked questions about us.