product videos


Amazon recently has allowed their sellers to post videos of their products on listings as a part of Enhanced Brand Content. This is a huge advantage for sellers to increase their sales and conversion by showing impressive, high quality videos to potential customers! This is why you should take advantage of our services. We believe our videos will only aid you!

Since video marketing increases traffic by over 40%, this makes Amazon a powerful platform to market your videos, raise brand awareness, and increase your reach to more potential customers. Who doesn't want a bigger audience?

Post product videos on Amazon to increase sales and conversion.

In an Amazon analytic study, it was founded that shoppers want more videos.

About 90% of users say that product videos are extremely helpful in the decision process. This makes Amazon such an effective and useful platform to display product videos because of the increased conversion, sales, and customer satisfaction. This is perfect, because customer satisfaction is our middle name!

A study done by BloomReach concluded that 55% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon before any other site, isn't that crazy? Amazon's exploding market is becoming more transparent with their products. Product videos are more desirable to customers searching the market for products.

of online shoppers go directly to Amazon before any other site.